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Frequently Asked Questions

How does TIMED Health work?
What are the 4 TIMED VENUES for Consumers?
What are the 4 TIMED VENUES for Professionals?
Can TIMED Options be “designated and changed as needed”?
What is the simplest way of doing things in healthcare?
Who will get the best use from "Time of Day" AM and PM bundled meds?
Are there any downsides or risks to Time of Day AM and PM Bundled Meds?
What is the “chip-labelled” containers Timed Meds programming feature?
Are all Timed Meds auto-tracking capable in chip-labeled containers?
Why use “instant-on-time” Stored TIMED NewMeds?
What can you and Your Own Clinicians do with instant-on-time Stored TIMED NewMeds?
What is TIMED Computed Information?
Why doesn’t one solution fit all Patients and Professionals?