Our Mission

Our mission is simple: help accelerate therapy to decelerate disease. TIMED Health is working on incrementally overcoming long term problems, including: i.) healthcare delays causing health and economic losses, ii.) physician manpower shortages, iii.) physician reimbursement that is too low.

Our Origin

The name "TIMED Health" combines the concept of “time” when certain low-risk changes in “health” are approximately 50% likely to occur within the next 4 months (range of 40% to 80%). Our goal is more efficient patient access to healthcare and medications for low-risk conditions to curtail worsening of health and economic outcomes.

Pioneering Platform in Telehealth

  • The first-to-market data science-enhanced telehealth platform with advanced predictive technology.
  • Unified platform for on-demand medication access while at home, school, work, or during travel.
  • All decisions and medications are physician determined and controlled for low-risk conditions and medications to be started earlier and easier than ever before.
  • Improved patient, provider, and payer options in a patented platform that is offered as a pre-tax health benefit.
  • Physician-controlled, offered and connected to healthcare providers, patients, employers, associations, governments, and payers as a fully managed service.